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International Ministries

We are blessed to equip leaders and help others plant local churches in multiple nations including: India, Trinidad, Thailand & New Zealand. The Grace of God has saved many through Giving Ministries and found their true purpose in Jesus Christ. ​


This ministry includes:

-Equipping others to win souls & make disciples
-Build/Equip Church leaders to be effective in their calling
-Church Planting - US & Other Nations
-Coaching/Mentoring Individuals

-Prayer & Charitable Ministries

Boy's Home, Elderly Folks Home, Houses, Jail Ministry, Street Preaching and Outreach

The Lord has called me to the nation of India. I have been blessed with many relationships in that country and we look forward to the multitude of visits God has prepared for us. They have invited me back many times to preach and teach in the churches and homes throughout India. My heart's cry and prayer is that India would turn from a Hindu nation to a Christian nation. Could you imagine a billion born again believers in Jesus in one place? What an impact on the world that would make!


By God's grace we have seen many healed, delivered, and saved in the name of Jesus Christ in India and we look forward to seeing many more.


This ministry includes:

- Preaching/Teaching in homes and church congregations

- Prayer/Healing/Prophetic Ministry

- Revival and Awakening for the church

- Evangelism and Equipping of the Saints

- Church Planting/Discipleship

Ministries: Who We Are

Local Ministries

Through the compassion of Jesus Christ, we’re driven to reach the lost wherever we may find them, regardless of where they are. Moved by the Holy Spirit, we go on mission and seek people who feel hopeless in their circumstances and have nobody to turn to.


Our mission is to engage the body of Christ in the great commission. It’s our desire to partner with others to equip, encourage, and give opportunities to be a blessing in the community, by seeking and training Ambassadors for Jesus to fulfill their purpose.


This ministry seeks to:

- Reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ

- Train others to reach the lost by becoming Ambassadors for Jesus

- Equip others to hear God's voice


- Church planting and raising up ministry leaders

Ministries: Who We Are
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